Spring Fed

Spring Fed

2012/2013 Grant Recipients

In 2012 Logan and Dominique completed a free Toi Toi Manawa IGNITE course teaching biological farming and sustainable food production in Christchurch. At the conclusion of that course they were each recipients of a Toi Toi Manawa grant and collectively they have gone on to develop a small-scale market garden called Spring Fed. They specialise in growing a wide variety of quality organic heirloom vegetables, including salad greens, herbs, micro-greens, baby-veges and seedlings in springtime. They sell their produce at the Christchurch Farmers' Market as well as supplying local restaurants. Their produce is considered some of the best in the region.

“My time at Toi Toi Manawa has been fantastic for me. From this experience I have been able to put into practice skills I have learned to grow a successful business. Through the guest speakers and the contacts I have met I have been able to start a market gardening venture and have collaborated with neighbours to improve my business. Without the opportunity or support of Toi Toi Manawa this conceivably couldn’t have happened. I fully recommend the course to anyone who needs support realising their dreams or ambitions.” - Logan Kerr
“I really enjoyed my experience of Toi Toi Manawa. In particular I liked the practical application of skills that I was able to put into the gardens and learning new techniques. Another aspect that I enjoyed and have found helpful since finishing was the wide range of guest speakers and workshops. Through these experiences and the people I have met through the course I have been able to build a successful business with another graduate. Throughout the process of having an idea and making it come to life the Director has been helpful and supportive.” - Dominique Schacherer

For more information about Springfed you can follow them on Facebook.

Note: We no longer run the IGNITE course but support like-minded programs with our grants.

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